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Meet the Artist


Hi, my name is Chris. I grew up in Wisconsin and Minnesota and learned to appreciate the outdoors at a young age. My family spent time canoeing, camping and other outdoor adventures. My husband and I live in Northern Minnesota where we enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

As I was growing up I enjoyed drawing and sketching, but as I got older, life got busier and I found less and less time to focus on drawing. I did however find ways to stay connected with my passion for the outdoors. I started and ran a nonprofit called “The Nature Connection” for many years where I provided educational programming using live birds of prey. 


As a way to help people connect with nature and document their observations, I created a nature journal. It was through the process of creating this journal that I reignited my love of drawing and discovered colored pencil. The first time I saw a professional piece of colored pencil art I was in awe. The colors, the depth, and level of detail that could be achieved had me instantly inspired. I made it my  mission to become a colored pencil artist. 


 Artist Statement

I am a "self-taught", award-winning colored pencil and mixed media artist. Although I claim to be "self-taught", and have learned a lot through trial and error and experimentation, I have also learned a lot through facebook groups, online classes, and tutorials. 

My subject matter is inspired by the natural world. I focus mainly on North American birds and mammals, but have been known to draw a flower or two. I have also done a few pet portraits to help develop my skills.


Colored pencil art is a time-consuming medium, but I absolutely love the high level of detail and realism that can be achieved through multiple layers. The final outcome is worth the time, effort and patience.


The process of applying colored pencil to paper varies depending on the pencils and the surface. There are many variables with any art medium and colored pencil is no different. There is always room for experimenting, learning and creating. 


I am a member of:

Colored Pencil society of America

International Guild of Realism

American Artists Professional League

Loon Country Arts

Pencil Colors

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